new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding heizenbox by heizenbox to the VST list.

adding the VST version of fabfilter one, and the VST and AU versions of fabfilter one volcano, an effect plug-in.

adding musolomo by plasq to the audiounit list.

adding finalis by elemental audio.


adding angel tone, color tone, and phase tone by tritone digital to the OS X pluggo list.

prosonic now raises the value of the neuron vs plug-in dramatically by offering a modelbuilder solution for it.

adding generator audiounit instrument by aphakanal to the list.

adding monstachorus by betabugs to the AU list.

adding ronin by audio damage to the VST list.


adding motu symphonic instrument to both lists.

adding loopy llama, tremo llama, and delay llama by rekliner to the OS X VST list - announced for the future.

adding W-1 limiter by 4front to the VST list.

adding dimension-D chorus, CE-1 chorus and RE-201 space echo by roland to the OSX lists, all are plug-ins for the UAD-1 card.

adding the AU version of NI/prosonus The Orchestral Collection.

adding luxonix ravity, announced for VST and AU.

adding u-he filterscape Q-6, the third plug-in of this series of 3 plug-ins which has been released today.

comment for 02-2005

somebody suggested we could make an extra listing for DSP powered plug-ins and pointed out that the lexicon reverb for OS 9 is missing in the VST page since a while.
we will not do that or not in that way, because then you can not see if a powercore effect is maybe only available for a certain platform, for example when it is older.

normally we planned to add a LADSPA plug-ins list to the site in 2005, but right now there are less than 30 plug-ins available, and most of them only as beta source which you have to compile yourself in order to use them.
in addition, LADSPA-hosting possibility in OS X programs is academic at the moment, and will not make much sense until there is a simple solution for running those 68k processes on a mac hardware without too much hassle for the average user.
but the idea remains on the to do list.