new entries in the lists, and some random information.


the roland VST-i´s are more or less available for OSX.

korg recently learned about the existence of VST on OSX and
will ship VST and standalone versions of their synths now in
addition to audiounits.
the wavestation plug-in is able to read .syx patches of which you
can find 10.000s on the net.
the instruments bundle does also contain two effect plug-ins
called MS-20-FX and MDE-X .

note to self: wrapping is not hosting, because it happens offline.
please remove protools from the host apps list, it looks stupid.


adding obsession, foundation, and perfection recycled-style
instruments from elabs to all three lists.

adding filterpod, fuzz+, crush, master destrukto, and timefink
from audio damage to both VST lists.

gerzonics intergate-8 ambisonic plug-in is now available, for almost
affordable USD 19 .

a light in the dark: it seems that stylus RMX will allow users to load
custom samplematerial i.e. recycle files.


auto-tune updated to 4.0, adding a keyboard, and a much better
graphical editor.

adding NI / best service - artist drums to the VST lists.

it appears we have yamaha - 01X channel not yet in the lists.


a little bit of NAMM, part 3

melodyne version 2.5 will be available already in the next weeks
and adds VST-instrument hosting, and it also has an RTAS adaptor.
furthermore it comes with a new filebrowser window, which is a big
help for everyone using the program as an audiofile editor.

melodyne´s technology will also show up in future sampling plug-ins
from überschall.

IK multimedia show off sonik synth, a new sampleplayer thing
made in collaboration with sonic reality.

fxpansion announces "drum nine", a new VST and audiounit host.

waves comes along with another IR reverb called IR-1.
we can also add their new guitar compressor/limiter called
renaissance axx to the holy lists - including OS 9.


(AU) kingdubby is at version 0.99 now, so 1.0 final release can not
be far away.   it has a GUI now.

adding one new minimoog style synth from ohmforce with no name yet.

after we removed t-racks from the OS 9 list we can now add the
t-racks plug-ins to the VST OSX and audiounits lists.


a little bit of NAMM, part 2

it seems EMU finally gets the emulator-4 software to work, and
so we are willing to re-add emulator soft to the VST list today,
of course OSX-only. audiounit planned.
(dont confuse that with the "emulator x" software and IO card
which is a windows-only product with only 32 sampling voices.)

at korg they are still talking a lot about their 3 audiounit instruments
(do you remeber the flash trailer 12 months ago ?) but there is no
release date or demo version yet.

spectrasonics update stylus to stylus RMX, not sure yet if that
makes a new entry into our lists when it is only an upgrade.

adding powerfx - miracle beats to the VST OSX list, yet another
samplebased loop player with a custom soundfile format.


Limo, Peak Me and Luppo from jk are the next entries in the
pluggo OSX list.

adding arturia mini moog to all lists.

steinberg releases the midi-VST SDK into the wild.
nothing extremly new, because VST FX can have midi input
and midi output since version 2.1 of the SDK.
unfortunately nobody, except 3 or 4 people, ever used this feature
in the last 3 years, but it was always possible.
of course in OSX (or to be exact, in some hosts) you can also
have input and output at the same time ... which is quite a
difference in possibilities.
so lets hope we can get rid of that strange xml formatted midi
effect documents which only worked in cubase and nuendo in
the past, and start making real midi-VST plug-ins.

talking about midi plug-ins; i have updated combicontrol -->

adding synthogy - ivory to the list, a hughe piano sample player.
OS 9, OS X, and audiounit, like we want it.


a little bit of NAMM, part 1

logic audio gets a little sister again, after micologic had vanished before.
"logic express" is the name of the new basis version, and the regular
product will be called "logic pro."
the biggest improvement is the reduced pricing:
"logic pro" will include ALL emagic plug-ins, including one new synthesizer
and spacedesigner.

now that i thought the host listing here is perfect and complete after
yesterday´s update, i have to change one more thing:
rt player / gt player have adopted the audiounit interface in addition
to VST.

TC electronics presented a powercore version of the virus indigo.
it is basically like the TDM plug-in, just more affordable.

virsyn cube version 1.5 will make us very soon happy with a new
resynthesis section.

spektral delay was the last one missing from NI for OSX, it is now on
their page.

somebody convinced jules about how cool it would be to have a
rack-style window for plug-in effects, and so tracktion has that too now.
in fact it is the only chance to have send effects, isn´t it ?

steinberg shows off something called VST systemlink.
you what ? you say you have heard that somewhere before ?
well, it is still the same VST systemlink like it always was, but this
time it is working !

sonicworx 2.6 will be born in the next days, this time for real.

URS (not Urs !) announces audiounit version of some of their
TDM plugins.

D-sound´s powercore amp is available for OSX now, the sony plug-ins
will be the next.


there is an update for the GRM Tools ST.

adding all old percolate pluggoes to the pluggo OSX list.


jack tools 1.0 are now available, and so is charlie.

adding wormhole and dummy instrument to the AU list.
wormhole is another interapplication streaming thing.

VST version is announced.

vanguard should be available in the next days.

tc electronics renamed their new powercore tube modeller to
"tubifex" for a reason i dont know, but can guess.

albino synth updated to 2.0 - for OSX.

pluggo for OSX is now available.
that means a gazillion new entries into the OSX pluggo
list ... just in case i ever finish the website update ...

the latest version of multidelay from scheffle introduces a useful
small feature, which he calls "cross plug-in preset format".
why is this not standart ?

rayverb by prosonic is the next generation of IR style reverbs
with an option to virtually use a _dynamic response sample.


adding yellowtools heartbeat to VST and AU lists.

yellowtools culture has been updated to 1.5 .

adding springverb by PSP to the OSX list. (computer music mag)

wavebreaker is a new audiounit entry from audiofield.

the lists are unavailble this week.

and i *cough* promise they will also be updated asap.

comment for januar

   OS 9 is dead!

OS 9 is dying slowly, but it is dying.
many developers have now "VST OS X, audiounit, VST OS 9"
on their todo list - in that particular order.

everyone who starts making music on the mac today can
ignore OS 9 and enjoy the power of a G5 system running
panther, but if you want to stay on OS 9 you can save a lot
of money by buying OS 9 software now and upgrading later.

two offers i saw last month:
grm tools bundles I and II (OS 9) ..... US$/EUR 150 (50% off)
steinberg lm-4mkII (OS 9 and X) ..... US$/EUR 55 (70% off)

in case that this is of any interest to you, powerlogix promised
us dual 1.6 Ghz G4 CPU upgrade cards for OS 9 boot macs will
be available soon.
a single processor 1.4Ghz update costs around 450 US$/EUR today.

pluggo plug-ins are in their own category now, for at least
three reasons:
1. they are not only "VST" but also "MAS" and "RTAS".
2. i use them more often in the last time and started making my own.
3. there are 100 third-party pluggos for OS 9 now.

pluggo OS X is exspected in the next days ...

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