new entries in the lists, and some random information.


albino 2.0 for OSX can be exspected in the next days, and linplug
also published the audiounit version of RM-IV .

MHC spacesynth has been updated to 2.0 .

adding banddelay, geeq, graindelay, and randelay by apparat
to the pluggo OS 9 list.
take care, the distribution is not complete, they require some free
third party objects to be installed in the runtime folder.

adding cosmo by gleetchplug to the OS 9 pluggo list.

the brilliant sonalksis compressor is available, and they announced
already a new limiter plug-in to be made.

wavearts announces a new mastering limiter, too.

if you are not beta testing it anyway, have a look at first
minimoog pictures on arturia website.
arturia probably skipped the idea of a dedicated 19" hardware
version of the minimoog.

adding gerzonic´s AB ambisonic channel test tool to VST OSX list.

it might cause some a little stomach ache, but due to our plug-in
policy we must now add sibelius kontakt player silver and
sibelius kontakt player gold into all lists.

when i was hunting for NAMM information i overlooked something
very important when i announced sonicworx OSX, the press release
from prosonic the next day made that clear.
sonicworx will not be updated - it will disontinued.
and then it will be reborn as a set of plug-ins !

comment for februar


today is friday 13th, but the bad thing already happened two days ago:
the synthesizer company waldorf is bankrupt.
when i hear this, it is impossible for me not to blubber once again
about capitalism itself, shareholder value, and people which are busy
with alliances, cooperations, and campagins - instead of creating new
products for paying customers.
money does not make money. and fraud does not make friends.

in fact i can be really happy that i could not preorder my afb for
USD 2.200 (only because it still does not support macintosh) .
the money would have been lost.


congrats go to emagic this month:
it was right not to accept soundtrack or garageband as little sister,
a replacement for micrologic was needed. a shrinked down logic
audio, with less tracks and no extra plug-ins, makes a perfect
micro logic.
the product "logic pro" can imo be called a price drop of the sequencer;
for the first time in 3 years one of the big ones went down in price.
lets see what other companies do about this ...

   con .. con .. consomething (out of con- headings now)

jVSTwrapper is a new utility for java-programmers which want
to make VST plug-ins without diving to deep into C++.
the wrapper itself is a windows project, but since java is java,
the wrapper and the plug-in sources will also perfectly compile
on - and for - mac os 9 and X.

con ... conjunction ? conglomerate ? coincidence ? hmm ...


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