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yippie, we´re back in business, and here is the long awaited;
emagic logic audio 6.0 now available.

was anyone confused from certain stupid comments ?
we have recieved questions regarding this.
well to make it clear again, the company apple was not on musikmesse since 1996, so from that viewpoint it is not a surprise that they dont
go this year. do you get it now ? ...
also i am sure you can find logic running on a mac somewhere there
in the one or other corner, it is not like that.


muon´s ds-404 and sr-202 are updated and they are free available
from muon website now. (was music magazine)

my apologies for continously spelling crystal wrong. ("chrystal")

i have fixed the colorcoding on the AU plugin page and the
host apps page, stuff in announced status is grey now.


after emagic dropped windows support last year, and then later
they dropped OS 9 support, and now logic audio 6.0 is still in beta
version, they announced today that they will NOT take part at
frankfurt musikmesse - the worldest largest music trade show.

tradeshows are for companies which have products to show off,
if you dont have a product, you dont go to a tradeshow.
this is the REAL reason why they dont go this year.


crystal gets updated from 2.2 to 2.2.1, which is more than a
maintainance update but brings new functions again.

we´ve been asked if the frohmage plug-ins really so buggy in OSX.
no, they have been updated a few days later and now work in all
host apps.


adding renaissance channel (waves plug-in), which is part of waves
4.0 bundle, to OSX and OS 9 listings.
for the audiounit version they started the beta program 2 weeks ago.

adding plogue - rebuilder, mach-o version (.vst).

steinberg - voicemachine now available for OSX.

there is a newer public beta - b10 - of MAXMSP carbon now.


(VST) wave arts - wavesurround macintosh version is available now.


kontakt evolves from 1.2 beta to 1.2 release ...

adding binaural, spectralgate; spectralcompound, and
morphingfilter from tom erbe, classic and carbon.

adding kt granulator from the smart electronix imperium, VST and AU.

and also back in the list: cyanide 2, which i already removed before.

linplug - chrono-X is out, and OSX only for now.

(host) d-sound pro suddenly looks like a nice program after a major
upgrade. it is now called DSP quattro, is carbon, and can host
VST 2.1 including instruments.

maybe i am too dumb to get it to work but it seems bias peak 3.2
can not run the bias soundsoap plug-in which is a mach-o build.

cubase sx and rt player can.

bias v-box is a mach-o too now and i guess the host will come.

bluetubes announces amp valve mad IV ->

TC works and TC electronics finally morph to one brand which will
be called TC electronics.

bismark bs-1 updated to 2.0 which includes a carbon version.

bismark bs-16 is a multimode version of bs-1, which would make one
new entry in both VST lists.

akai has screenshots now ... humh i dont know.

exiton synth updated to 1.2, vsamp updated to 3.3

adding widolowpass audiounit effect.

adding king dubby audiounit.

i think its time to add the fishfillets (AU) version ... soon.

mackie uad-1 stuff announced to be audiounit and VST OSX.

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