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14-03-2003 ... 30-03-2003

firium OSX versions updated to 1.0.4

four of the five VST plug-ins from nathan wolek have been updated,
and four of them are available for OSX too.

we must add refx - trasher-2 to the OSX list, it is missing.

(host) VST-i Host available for OSX now.

tom erbe´s plug-ins are announced to support audiounit format
too now.


adding ohmforce - ohmygod, carbon and classic. (music magazine)

names of the plug-ins in the korg bundle:
, ms-20, polysix.

were missing: in the hyperprism bundle for OSX there are 2 new
plug-ins included called double chorus and multi phaser.


adding smart electronix - bouncy, carbon and classic.

adding smart electronix - ambience, carbon, classic, and audiounit.


there is a public beta version of (host) plogue bidule for OSX availabe
for download , more information at their website

adding virsyn - cube synthesizer, (VST-i) and (AU). in development.

adding PLP-120, VCP-120, VPB-120, VLP-090 and VBP-090, yet
another boring sample player engine. made by refx + distributed by
ueberschall, not yet sure where to sort it.
(VST-i) OSX and (AU).


fxpansion website has a preview of the interfaces for the long
bundle 1 v 2.0 and the new bundle 2 plug-ins.
i fee l like making a positive comment, but make up your own opinion.

korg and yamaha are announcing new instrument plugins and
standalone apps - no names yet.

23-02-2003 ... 04-03-2003

adding (AU) version of dfx - rms buddy

adding (AU) version of green oak - crystal, public beta.

the bias peak family has been updated, all programs can host all
VST plug-ins again in OSX, without the need of v-box.

powercore firewire is now sheduled for june and advertised on
their websit.
faster, and cooler to use as it is a rack mount unit.
and ... more expensive.

the new powercore software version 1.7 includes one new plug-in
called eq custom and is OS 9, OSX, and AU. (not MAS OSX)

halion updated to 2.0 - better filters, envelopes, CPU performance, streaming options. more expensive but the update from 1.3 is free.

adding (AU) / (VST-i) steinberg - xphraze.

adding (VST) steinberg - groove agent. OSX / cubase sx only.

sonosphere is yet another AU hosting utilty.

the next version of nuendo will be much more expensive than 1.6,
i dont know about the upgrade fee.

there is a little update available for the chrono-x sampler.

adding (VST) iridium denoiser and iridium declicker plugins,
superb new restoration tools from prosonic. OS 9 and OSX.

adding (VST) PSP - mixverb to classic and OSX list, not yet available.

adding (Pluggo) bang, mono, poly, spin and wash by •

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