new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding virtual drumline sample player by NI / tapspace.

adding independance by yellowtools to the host lists ... and maybe also to the plug-in lists.
independace looks like a crossing between halion and tera and obviously wants to be the gigasampler of mac.


adding decrackler by roni music to the VST and AU lists - including OS 9.

adding frantic filter by basements arts.

soon available: the update to version 2 of critters, which has to be added to our audiounit host program page now.

sonic flavours announces a VST OS X version of their R-66 reverb.

if you still use OS 9 you will be happy to hear that sonicworx is now a free program.

10-04-2005  post-musikmesse mental disorder

somebody finally convinced me to add AU Lab to the host programs page.

adding podolski by u-he to both lists.

the fishfillets plug-ins are now available as audiounits.

adding guru instrument by fxpansion.

adding north mood by soundburst to the lists.

north mood is a 20 gigabytes long samplebased nord modular emulation instrument, and therefore the dumbest thing i have seen in a while, not only because the buy and maintainance of the original is definetly cheaper.

you are looking at these pages:

30 %   OS X VST list
22 %   OS X AU list
17 %   OS X pluggo list
14 %   OS 9 VST list
04 %   OS 9 pluggo list
08 %   host programs list
05 %   resources

i am really glad that my own plug-ins are still covering about 4% of the market.

07-04-2005   musikmesse

adding digitalmusician link by to the VST list.

adding AC box combo, plexi combo, and twang combo by native instruments.

adding minion by devine machine to the VST list.

adding nonlin-2, a powercore plug-in by tc electronic

adding gate ex, pitch craft, reveal, and repli-Q to the VST list - included and only working in peak 5.0 .
this new version of peak and also the vbox plug-in now support audiounit hosting.

06-04-2005   musikmesse

sonicbirth can now export VST plug-ins in addition to audiounits.

logic audio (express and pro) are updated to v.7.1 featuring full plug-in delay compensation and a dozen other great things, like 2 new instruments.
the price of USD/EUR 20 for this update is a steal and probably only covers the shipping cost.

adding classik studio reverb by IK multimedia.

adding the audiodamage plug-ins to the AU list - announced.

adding brass by arturia, a physical modeling synthesizer.

TC electronic is presenting the new powercore mkII PCI card in frankfurt, and the next version of the powercore software will support fxpansion´s VST2RTAS wrapper, which means you can use the card with protools. (pardon: ... with bubu.)

adding the grand to the AU list.

adding camel space by camel audio to the lists, which is only available bundled with the latest update of camel phat.

codeoperator released a useful small program called plugadmin,
and also announced VST and AU plug-ins.
i never found pluggo manager or the extension controlpanel useful, but i like to use an app called plug-in manager, which lets you rename and recategorize photoshop plug-ins.

comment for 04-2005
musikmesse 2005

now lets see how many people have reinvented the wheel on the musikmesse 2005.

the only thing worth mentioning about audiosoftware this year is that physical modelling starts to be a competition for sampling libraries.
emagic, applied acoustic and arturia is only the beginning.

the current version of cubase and logic and the coming update of digital performer 5.0 will leave no further requests open.
logic is finally getting delay compensation, and steinberg has the versionnumbers for their three sequencer products in sync, nobody would have guessed that one year back.

besides meeting some friends and doing a minor business regarding hardware i have nothing to do on musikmesse.
it is getting really boring after 13 years, of which i have missed only one.
unless someone is offering a free analog 150-channel mixer next year i might stay away completely from industry shows in the future.