new entries in the lists, and some random information.

adding strobe tuner by rusty kat to the AU list.

adding peti instrument by nusofting to the OS X lists.

adding trackpad VST plug-ins by subminimal.

sonic boom box is a new audiounit instrument by usb which only works in garageband.

long awaited and now soon available: SV-719 analogue gate by sonaksis, probably OS X only.

discord by audiodamage will soon be available in audiounit format.

you conviced me to also add AU pitchandtime, AU variphrase. and AU looper according to our own rules: they have been officially "released" somewhere.

when we add musikmesse-podolski, we also have to add the developer tools from, thats damned right, dear anonymous commentator!
but i still have not found someone who gets looper to work in Aulab, maybe it is only for looking at the binary in the finder ?

maybe it is time again to do the actual updates to the plug-in pages next month - if i find the time for this boring job.


still unsure about the document format we are going to add the apple AUs to the list now, including the three new ones.
AU bandpass, AU delay, AU dynamics processor, AU filter, AU graphic EQ, AU high shelf filter, AU hipass, AU lowpass, AU low shelf filter, AU matrix reverb, AU multiband compressor, AU netsend, AU parametric EQ, AU peak limiter, AU pitch, and AU sample delay will be listed under "apple".

adding dynamix, NW RC fil, NW EQ, and NW synth by WWAJM to the VST OS X list - announced.

adding arts acoustic reverb by arts acoustic to both list, VST is available and an audiounit version is announced for later.

adding panorama by wavearts to both lists.

adding bass enhancer, clipper, ring modulator and superdrive by marek bereza to the OS 9 VST list, they are already 2 years old, but we have never seen them before.
(one of them is only here)

adding photone, limelite, metaphysical function, krypt, akkord, resochord, fast fx, and cyan by native instruments to both OSX lists.

and i am contributing too: i have uploaded simple invert, phase bass, cross warp, and updates for transistor gate, rearrange-a, away, and polarsplit= flanger to my website.

comment for 04-2005

OS X 10.4 has been released and you can delete the beta versions from your harddisks and get a proper working version from the local mac dealer.
10.4 is the release with the long awaited functionality for hardware accelerated graphic rendering, but it also adds a few new interesting enhancements for audio and midi such as virtual coreaudiodrivers.

there are some minor problems with plug-ins in LAP and OS 10.4 such as drawing bugs in software from usb audio and korg, but i have not heard about anything serious so far.

some of these little bugs appear in the VST versions of the same products too, and also in other host programs, so it is not audiounit format releated.