vst-mac news • it is summer when it is getting softwarer outside.


adding (and we label them "NI" again) :
altered states
sounds of polynesia melanesia + australia,
beats working in cuba,
nu jointz
the operating table,
afrolatin slam,
wired the elements of trance
and koncept + funktion,
new kontakt-based sampleplayers with libraries from zero-g.
(VST-i) right now, but (AU) planned.

the news from march about Xphraze OSX only was of
course wrong, it is OS 9 too and one could have guessed it.
one more correction: the bishop samplers are mach and not


there are 1.5 updates for roland hypercanvans and
superquartet, and a minor update for vsamp.

cubase SL follows SX and goes 1.0.6 .

tomorrow i wll do "the test" for nuendo 2.0, but i already
know the results hehe ... melodyne 2.0 will follow then soon
when available, that will become more intersting i guess,
it can play with audiounits too and maybe i will have a look
into them as well.


there is an 1.2.1 update for kontakt sampler which first
of all offers better disk streaming options.

linking other people´s or company´s website in a frame is
against the netiqette i guess ... i fixed that, all links will open
in a new window from now on.


max magic microtuner updated to 1.3.4 .
beside other things this version adds support for editing and
exporting pro-52 tuning tables (!) .
it is also only a carbon build now, that means it requires at
least Mac OS 8.6 .

(host) DSP quattro updated to 1.1, OS 9 and OS X.


there is an update for smartelectronix - crazy ivan.


adding the oddity synth to the list of available audiounits.

23-06-2003 , 20:45 my time

"the competition isn´t PCs anymore."

2x2Ghz CPU
1Ghz Bus
Serial ATA

• yes, i want to see more porn √


adding smartelectronix - supatrigga to both VST lists.

adding smartelectronix - mdsp env-2 to OSX list,
one (or better: the first) mach-o midi-plug-in.


(host) cubase SX updated to 1.06

reaktor updated to 4.0.2 , not sure if the update affects
the plug-ins.
will they work in logic 4.7 now ? ...

the audiounit builds of the plug-ins from wavearts have not
been mentioned yet, sorry.

gerzonic is a new label for some of the old ambisonic
the current distribution includes the known bpan but also
new solutions called bplayer, brecord, and emigrator.
mach-o only.


linplug announces an update for the OS 9 version of the albino
synth which fixes problems with logic audio.

there are minor updates for the plugsound players.


oh jesus, i was wrong about beatburner; it looks bad like a
windows-only product.

OSX versions of original pluggo and the creativesynth mode
pluggoes are announced for august.

adding (host) soundtrack to the list of programs which can use
all these wonderful audiounit plug-ins.
soundtrack is also a little breakthru for audiounits, it ships with
many of them including new builds of the the old apple
prototypes and audiounited ports of some of the logic audio
effect plug-ins.
and that gives you a little hint how the next release of
logic audio will look like.

(who else thinks soundtrack should be called micrologic ? ... )

the OS 9 list is up-to-date now and the OSX and audiounit lists
will follow next week or so, depending on the weather and my
work situation.
there are some older screenshots available on the
"host apps" page since today.


smartelectronix ambience updated to 1.0 final - with GUI and midi.

adding (VST-i) g-force - beatburner to VST lists.

all commercial plug-ins from ohmforce are now available
as audiounits.

adding phatmatik pro to audiounit list.
(should i remove the beta of phatmatik ?)


pluggo microtuner utility updated to 1.3.2 .

smartelectronix kt granulator updated to 1.0 final.

aha: powercore OSX public beta download.

VST2AU thingie has been updated to 1103 .


all ohmforce plug-ins have been updated 2 weeks ago.

adding linplug - RM-IV pro drumsampler, not yet available.

zoyd audiounit synth updated.

removing novation v-station from OS 9 list.   


adding camel audio - ca-5000 fft morphing synthesizer to all
three lists - announced for october.

recently i heard audioease would be going to make VST
versions of their MAS plug-ins, i think that could be true,
and i´d like the idea.
that would mean we can preventively add deep phase nine,
periscope, riverrun, follo, orbit, and roger.

oops, a new audiounit host: ouroboros.


vokator updated to 1.0.1 .

i updated a few things on the weblinks page and added the
pluggo links (on bottom).

tom erbe plug-ins reached the beta status recently.

nice new plug-ins by a new smartelectronix member; kontrast,
, robotizer, and warp. fft-based stuff which are mach-o only.

comment for 06-2003

there once was a clever old scot
who kept all his plug-ins in a pot
when the harddisk was full
there were no more to pull
but to use all his plugs he forgot

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