vst-mac news • maybe i am too busy to do something useful


cube synth demo version today, and retail version from next
week on available.

2 notes on nuendo ... stepfilter is actually not a new product,
sorry, ... but there is magneto included too = kinda the complete
mastering edition.

adding 2d-panner from loneroger to pluggo list.
he also updated "19" and his (host) multi vst shell - the best
free maxmsp-made vst-i host around.

anwida is announcing mac ports for the second time; this time
all four: CX1V, L1V, GEQ15V and GEQ31V.


adding airy - AU-303 to audiounit list.

again there is a minor update for vsamp.

were bias - squeeze mentioned before ? carbon only.

were greenoak OSX versions mentioned before ? carbon since a while.

muon has screenshots of neutron now.

here is the link for the 4 new thingies mentioned last week where
the link didnt work.
turn the volume down before you go there, it is terrible.

counting all available free third-party pluggo 3.0 plug-ins
resulted in a number greater than 50 .


(host) nuendo 2.0 update available.

this ultimate VST monster is probably worth its very expensive
upgrade fee ... check out what the steinberg website says about
new features - or or let me pick some of the most intersting things
for you here :

 • folder tracks. (such as in cubase 5)
 • unlimited number of VST-i slots.
 • exporting from plug-ins + exporting many channels at once.
 • EDL 3.0-, better OMF-, better rewire-, and REX 2.0- support.
 • online recording. (MTC/videoclock)
 • dynamic routing of ASIO to VST + recording thru insert plug-ins.
 • new inspectors for masterchannels and thelike, cool cleaning
   and optimizing options.
 • protools-like slim mixer view mode.
 • major revision of the whole arrange editor + new alternate
   fixed-track view window.
 • curve tools for audio/midi/vst automation + automation is linked
   to audio parts
 • waveshell integration "the logic audio way" (= load plugs not shell)
 • rerouting now possible with submixer.
 • full compatible to SX song format.
 • new plug-ins: stepfilter, multidither, surroundscope, and Q .
 • new builds of denoiser and declicker from spectral designs are
   included, and also a few of the "cubase 5.1" ones carbonized.

imaginary scenario: you start recording a 7.1 project triggering
"record" in nuendo from your windows-based video workstation in
the other room, record the voice through a GML standard equalizer
on your powercore rack, process the melody of the singer with
realtime resynthesis in melodyne, and finally write it to disk over
channel 7 and 8 compressed as mp3 or DTS - all in one step.
good bye protools !


adding PSP - PrEQursor to VST lists, not yet available.
(but mixverb is soon)

adding NI - Hardcore Bass to VST and audiounit lists, first plug-in
of their upcoming series of sampleplayers which is based on the
quantum leap CDs and a kontakt engine software.  here´s a picture.

adding D-Rive, Malestrom, SonicReducer and Therevox to third
party pluggo plug-ins, a set of freeware effects. ->

06-05-2003 ... 20-05-2003

(host) muzis updated to 3.0 .

(host) spark updated to 2.8 , first official release with AU support .

the plug-ins from elemental audio are all updated to 1.1, CPU and
stabilty improvements, and the GUI issues with cubase SX seem to
be fixed.

mda piano and mda e-piano are available for OSX now.

muon´s electron and tau pro are available for OSX now.

with the release of virtual guitar carbon steinberg is nearly
complete with OSX-ing.

silverspike ruby tube also says hello to OSX since a while.

adding muon cm-505 to both VST lists. (next music magazine)

there are minor updates for the wavearts plugs, OSX and OS 9.

the dream of certain people started becoming true; the first VST
plug-ins have been portet to the chamelion .
now we need to do the same for tdm core, kyma, plugzilla, and
powercore and everybody is happy.  no forget it, just joking.

so, now here is how virsyn - cube looks like, very d´cota´oid,
which does not make me wonder as it is the same technology with
the same interface from the same people. looks good tho !

steinberg published VST specs and development kit version 2.3 .
new: better multichannel documentation and examples, a useful
monitoring plug-in, and VSTGUI library open source.

elvio magliocca announces panner surround 5.1 - and more -
soon to be published for VST, OS 9 and OSX.

victor cerullo posted new utilties for his 16-tone synth, or to be
exact, for easy creation and usage of your own personal tuning
scales with all pluggo instruments.

atmosphere, stylus and trilogy found their way into the growing
group of available audiounits.

there is a new synth from linplug coming, we will have a name in
the next days ...

the waldorf filterbank is shipping now and will be available for
everyone who has euro/US$ 2200 left, smaller versions are still
planned but i´ve no information about concrete products yet.
go make a 4-channel version and bundle it with halion 2.5 ...

yes folks i know, the OSX listings and the weblinks are outdated,
but there is no time left at the moment to do it.

01-05-2003 ... 05-05-2003

(host) emagic logic updated to 6.1, OS X and OS 9.
TDM support and akai import for OS X.

(host) sonicworx 2.6 is also available for registered users
of version 2.0 or higher since a while.

minor update for chronox sampler available.

minor update for vsamp available.

it seems that there will not be a product called GRM tools ST for
mac os 9 anymore, might need to remove the entry soon.

adding VST2AU adapter, which btw works very well for many
plug-ins, to the list of available VST hosts.

reaktor updated to 4.0 ... errmm ... available in 2 days from today.

comment for 05-2003

it is already summer ? really ?
i have not started doing the things i planned to finish around januar.

but it seems i am not the only one.
the audiounit movement has helped to delay the one or other OSX
product - such as the powercore software - for months.
it is always the same with these audio units, first they take a long
time to show up, but when they are out they work flawlessly and
in any hosts. (unless the host has specific AU problems)

now i own 4 powercore cards (in 2 computers in 2 places, of course),
and i really think it is enough.
or in other words, maybe it is good that mac towers only have 4 PCI
slots, or i would buy more things i dont really need.
so much DSP power lets me use OS 9 until 2006 instead of until 2005
like originally planned.
classicverb is not altiverb is not an M-6000, and the eq plugin is not
like a waves TDM plug-in is not an avalon tube eq - but it is a cool
feeling to insert one good plug-in on each of the 8 subgroups in your
DAW and still have 95% of the native CPU cycles left for synthies
or all those little creative effects.

the looser of the month was digital performer:
as the AU interface is not yet implemented, dp can currently host
no plug-ins at all in OSX. (it has MAS of course)

the winner of the month were products which got upgraded.
halion 2 and reaktor 4 are adding a lot of new features for a little
fee, while cubase 5.2 and logic 6.1 could be upgraded for free.
more and more products for OSX have not yet made OS 9 worse
supported by people creating and selling plug-ins.

good times for plug-in collectors with all this new stuff, now for both,
OS 9 and OS X.
what a luck that i am not addicted to collecting plug-ins.

brb, installing vokator ...

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