new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding TC dynamic eq for powercore to the OS X lists.

adding emigrator pro-64 from gerzonic to the OS X VST list.

adding XA-1, a spectrum analyzer in audiounit format by Peter Mark.

as it appears the ueberschall VST sample players do not support
digital performer in OS 9 - just like halion 2.0 .


adding rider audiounit by brian willoughby.

bioroids turntablist already found its way on the dfx audiounit page,
like exspected.

crunch eq, fattenizer, and vintasion are three new audiounits
by levelground media.

a beta of the VST version of zebra is now available for registered
owners of the AU version.

adding loopstashen audiounit by wisdom (?)


the latest update of cameleon-5000 does now include an OS 9
VST version
this is the first time we see a commercial plug-in gets OS 9
support six months after it was out for OSX, and yeah, we
really like this trend.

adding EST by sonic bytes, yet another drum module which uses
a custom sample format. the GUI preview looks promising.


adding ndc buffer synth and reversinator to the OS X VST list.
niall is doing the mac ports of the plug-in all on his own, and he
also finished the mac versions of the simple midi effect bundle
and some module-r stuff now:
we can add midi channelfilter, midi channeliser, midi
, midi safe, midi velocity amp, binary, clip,
constant, counter, logic gate, unary, and variable.

adding soundfont synth audiounit by a man with no name.

steve duda´s bitmodder audiounit does now have an nice interface.

rax (the cool little audiounit host) has been updated to 1.0 ,
and it is commercial now.
rax 1.0 supports dynamic midi controller assignment and live
midi input, as well as saving setups.
during testing i expierienced a lot of trouble with interface
drawing: plug-ins from waves, elemental audio and several
others had completely broken GUI elements and/or GUI
background pictures.

adding delaystrom and frequenzstrom by jochen hagenstrom
to the audiounit list.

bioroid releases the sources of his plug-ins and announed he
won´t continue making audio plug-ins under this name.

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