new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding roomverb m-2 by spinaudio to the OS X lists.

adding one, one solo, and kick-ass brass samplepplayers
by AMG to the OSX lists.

the missing hosts pictures are back online.


we added steve berkley´s soundsoap pro to the list one century
ago, this affordable restoration plug-in is now available for purchase.

granted software releases audiounit manager, a free utility for
easy audiounit folder organisation.

there are several recommended updaters and bugfixers for NI players
such as the ones distributed by zero-g, if you own these products you
will find out yourself i suppose.

did you notice we no longer notice updates here ?

check out this instant-hit dieter bohlen plug-in for windows.


adding the VST OSX version of chrunch.

chrunch by chris reed is currently not available due to roland
announcing legal steps will be undertaken if chris further uses
a photo of a roland hardware called chrunch for his software.

i promised to update the audiounit list "next week" about six
months ago, and today i did it !


in 1960, in more than 12.000 locations in new york city you were
allowed to dance.

in 2004, 296 locations are left.

the USA is the only country besides afghanistan and iran where it
is almost impossible to enjoy dancing in the public today, simply
because it is illegal.
millions of dollars are spent on special police patrols which are
extensively controlling clubs and djs, how people dance, when and
how long they dance, and what music they are dancing to.
they are probably also investigating why people dance, but they
will never find out.


garageband has been updated to 1.1.

there is also a little update for digital performer which is fixing
some things in motu´s audiounit hosting engine regarding specific

i have been working myself through the last 7 months of the news
pages and started making the OS X VST list more complete than
it was before.
it should be almost up-to-date again, only a few things need some
more work.
maybe we can finally compose a proper AU list next week, with the
help of one of my AU-buddies.

i finally removed vivaldi mx and serato scratch from the lists.


adding overflow audiounit by brian willoughby, and augustus loop
by expert sleepers.

zebra 1.5 is now officially released.

linplug da organ and chrono-x updated to 2.1, which includes the
audiounit versions.

here is a little chatroom without any specific purpose.


adding embracer and monologue VST instruments to the
OS X list. both are part of today´s cubase sx 2.2 and nuendo 2.2
updates, as well as a new filter effect called tonic.

audioease updated altiverb to version 4.0, a commercial update
which costs USD 99.
the good news is that this version adds a nice snapshot feature
which lets you not only switch samples, but switch samples and
automate switching via VST parameter automation.
it also has a simple filter function for the IR file, and compared to
the previous version 4.0 will save up to 50% CPU on a g4, or 66%
on a g5. the update includes an OS 9 version in all formats.


adding decrackle to the AU and VST OS X lists, a new powercore
plug-in which is part of the 1.5 update of the restoration bundle by
TC electronics.

the regular powercore bundle version 1.9 is available since a while.
main improvement is a better DSP power handling.


adding buzzer-2 to the audiounit list, the follow up of buzzer.

jk publishes a soundfont sampler pluggo called fluidsynth zero,
which is based on the fluidsynth msp object.

dr. spreng .. erm .. seebach releases rayverb LE with the latest
issue of german keyboards magazine, a free light version of rayverb.

adding vanguard audio unit version, and miracle beats /
miracle beats free sampleplayer
by powerfx.

FM heaven is now available for OS X.
version 1.5 of this fantastic shareware product has 2 new filters,
and an audiounit version is announced too.

the 1.1 update of aptrigga contains a new VST/AU plug-in called
spike gen, a spike generator made for triggering aptrigga.

all unity products are updated to 3.3.3, and that update adds
import for halion, exs-24 and recycle format samples.

linplug´s chrono-x has been updated to 2.1, including a new
audiounit version.

psp nitro is now available in audiounit format.

reaktor 4.1 is currently incompatible with ableton live 3, version 4.0.4
is the last version where the VST plug-ins dont chrash on load.


adding midi-O to the audiounit list, this plug-in is a workaround
for simple midi output in garageband.

adding tune-it by ndc to the OSX VST list.

izotope has announced OSX support and we can add vinyl, ozone,
trash, and spectron - audiounits and VST.

adding satoo, a new pluggo plug-in by jk audio, OSX and OS 9.

the host metro has been updated to 6.2, which includes several
fixes and changes regarding VST ,VST-i, and AU hosting.

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