new entries in the lists, and some random information.


live cut by smex/mdsp is now available for macintosh.

adding waves amp and waves stomp by waves to the lists.
these plug-ins are part of the guitar tool rack bundle, which also includes an auto-balanced audio input device for guitar level devices.


adding dethumb to the lists, a powercore plug-in which is part of the latest update for TC´s restoration bundle.

hans adamson releases NI/art vista virtual grand piano, and native instruments are releasing akoustik piano.

adding choir, duo, punch, sybil, and throat to the lists, a set of promising new vocal processing tools by antares.

adding oxford limiter by sony to the OS X powercore plug-ins list.

the rest of the URS plug-ins, which have not been released for VST and AU in the past are now all available for our preferred plug-in formats.

maybe we can already add the algorithmix software to the AU list, their plug-ins are announced for OS X.

we forgot to add the DVR-2 powercore plug-in to the lists last month, as well as strobosoft audiounit by peterson inc.

adding audiounit versions of arboretum ray gun and the delaydot plug-in bundles to the list - both have been announced for the future.

adding time freezer instrument by physical music to the VST list, not yet available.

oh yeah, our motto the month: JUSTICE NOT CHARITY !

comment for 07-2005
the navigation bar of will be replaced with a simple picture based version in the next days, to make it compatible with IE on windows again. sorry for the inconvinience.

screenshot from one of my new music videos.