new entries in the lists, and some random information.

adding live cut, a beatslicing effect based on the bbcut supercollider library, and freakoskope by mdsp to the VST list.

stereo image munger and gain shaper are two new audiounits by paul cantrell.

the maker of sound studio, which was one of the first audio applications on OS X 10.0, announced future AU and VST hosting support for his program.

a few of my own plug-ins are now available for OS X.
some of them still do not work in all hosts.

oops: we forgot tigers AU merger and AU splitter

arkonnekt is a new audio unit host program, a free beta version is available for download.

prosonus orchestral collection player is now available and supports all formats including OS 9.
we had it in the list already for OSX, but sorted under "NI", this is wrong,it is an UVI based instrument.

comment for 06-2005
happy sonar festival everyone ...