new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding poly-850 from synapse audio to the OS X VST list.

adding the audiounit version of the ambisonics plug-ins.

cubase sx 3.0 is going to be announced in the next weeks, and when they will announce it, it might read like this:

- audio warp (realtime stretching)
- pattern arranging
- new edit functions


toontrack dfh is now available as audiounit.

we did not yet mention simon´s little VST2RTAS test for free VST plug-ins, useful information if you are on PT.

adding ranpan by ten by ten to the audiounit list.

motu mx-4 synth, which we added one year ago into the OS X list, is now available, and it is still audiounit only.

another entry in the AU list is this new synth by alphakanal.

adding MD3 multiband dynamics and MD3 brickwall limiter, two brilliant new mastering plug-ins for powercore, to the OS X VST and AU lists.

we also have to add the powercore version of oxford transient modulator by sony to the OS X lists.

oh yeah, and it is time to add the discreet video editing applications (flame, flint, fire, inferno, and smoke) to the VST host applications list, of course there is no version of them available which runs on OS X yet, but that will happen very soon.
cube-tec, which is the follow-up on former spectraldesigns, are making those commercial VST plug-ins which work on sun, irix, and some linux operating systems running on SGI hardware, and they claim they are the first company selling VST plug-ins for unix/linux.
the products are included in each of the discreet applications and are not sold seperately.

somebody asked if cube-tec would be "those from audiocube".
yes of course they are!
interesting with this is always that such cool things like real 64 bit audio mastering effects software with pyramix DSD export option and such tralala is always running on windows 2000.
mac OS X support for stuff like this is not in sight.

is the price the only reason why people dont build such systems around the G5 ? i dont know.


shit, i mean i just checked their new website, and they equip their computers with 2 ultra-320 SCSI cards.
dreams of a wonderful past come to mind, where we had stable and reliable harddrives and controllers in our PPCs.


adding hartmann neuron VS to the OS X VST list.
for a given reason we will put it into the "prosonic" section.


midi quest is a sounddiver-like application recently ported from windows to macintosh (9 and X), and the midi quest xl distribution also contains a VST plug-in version of the editor.

we can add rearrange-A, a free beatslicer effect by me, to the pluggo OS 9 list.
i also uploaded fighter today and i planned to make a few more available to the public very soon.

a few days after the "plugzilla" hardware VST plug-in player is available, muse research announced that their "receptor" will start shipping this month as well.

it will be interesting what possible customers will say to these two boxes: somehow i feel that plugzilla is made by people which have more experience in making audio hardware, but plugzilla costs US$ 3500, and receptor costs US$ 1600 for a similar functionality.
plugzilla is definetly the better computer, with better AD/DA conversion, and with the cooler interface (i have the eventide reverb where those dials are from, and they are really nice.)
on the other hand, receptor comes with a nice control software for mac and pc - how you should run software in plugzilla without a software frontend running on an host computer is still not clear to me. and if you want to pay 2000 bucks for nicer knobs, is another question.
before i buy one to test it, i will probably wait for my favorite p.a. magazine to test it for me.


because there are not much other new releases or announcements i am adopting the fulltec eq by URS into our AU list today.

adding waves L3 multimaximizer to the OSX lists.
the L3 is a phase-linear multiband limiter with auto mode, and it is free for registered users of the platinum bundle or above.

this not for mac, but it is funny.


adding audiounit versions of warp, levels, duckdelay and mdsp compressor by mdsp to the list.

a few other newer mdsp plug-ins have also not yet been noticed here: ms encode, ms decode, ms comp, ms balance, ms swap, and ms delay - new into audiounits and VST OS X.

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