new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding microtonic by sonic charge to the OS X VST list.

right in time, a few days after cubase SX, logic audio 7.0 is now available, exclusively from apple stores (and online stores) from now on.
logic pro 7 includes 9 superb new logic-format plug-ins, and attention: logic no longer loads audiounits which have not passed the current version of the audiounit validation tool.


sony announced the oxford reverb for TDM and RTAS, and we should preemtively put that into our OS X lists - for powercore, of course.

adding Lucifer VST effect from devine-machine to the OS X list.

TC electronics announces powercore compact, a mobile version of the hardware, perfect for you powerbook users.


adding neodynium by elemental audio to the OS X lists.

adding R-2 by silverspike, not yet available and VST only.

version 5 of altiverb will switch to a new custom IR file format - appearantly the plug-in will no longer be able to read sounddesigner files directly but will convert them into the new file format.


adding character by noveltech - a powercore plug-in.

adding rephrase by leapfrog audio to the OS X VST list - the macintosh version of this product has been announced for 2005.

bornemark announces broomstick bass VST instrument for OS X.


the tsunami synth is now available for OS X.

with ohmygod the last of the ohmforce plug-ins can be added to the audiounit list.

adding ratshack reverb by audio damage to the VST OS X list.


adding precision limiter for and from UAD to both our OS X plug-in lists.

adding linplug saxlab to the OS X list, which has quite a nice design and is not yet available.


adding ndc sinesynth to the OS X VST list.

there are three new commercial pluggos for OS X from tritone digital, of which one is already available, and two are announced. adding valve tone, squeeze tone, and hydra tone to the pluggo list.

mixbass, mixsaturator, mixpressor and mixtreble by PSP may be put into the audiounit list now.

adding filterizer by audio damage to the VST OS X list.

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