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a few days ago waves posted an 1.0.1 update for X-click on their website, its fixes a major bug.

it wasnt possible yet to get the development of the surround bundle for native (=waveshell) confirmed.


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linplug carbon versions announced, first ones are available, alpha and free alpha updates include OSX versions.

i think there is a bug in bbe sonic maximizer which largely increases the plug-ins CPU hunger after opening cubase or nuendo sessions which contains an opened (and switched on) instance of the plug-in. i have to check that in logic, live, nuendo or deck....


i have to remove camelphat carbon, it wasnt carbonized, it has been portet to BeOS ...


Refx announced (VST-i) Claw and (VST-i) Junox-2 to be carbonized soon.

wavesurround seems to be the next product to be portet to macintosh from wavearts.

i forgot to include the long ago announced new plug-ins from polyfractus into the current listing, they are called loop box, mmp, fractor, and chaos masina. sounds good eh ?


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and there it is already: (VST-i) Chrystal 1.5 update, and that includes a carbon build. that makes 1, 2, 3 ... 10 VST-i´s for OSX !

music-dsp + mr. u-he opened a page for easy sharing of VST-specific source code http://www.u-he.com/vstsource/

DMI website had been disabled for pirating...didnt that once happen to good old mda piano too ?


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need to add (VST-i) Refx - Plasticz to the collection. demo version available.

(VST-i) Native Instruments - Kontakt 1.1 is out and ships as hybrid like announced.

another 3 or 4 more, and we have got 100 carbon (VST) and (VST-i) plugs for OSX. i think these 4 should be chrystal and the silverspikes.

believe it or not, i can also smell the first (AU) plug-ins. of course audiounits will have their place here too, and there will be a "list of audiounits" as soon as i get one on my desktop. right now it appears that jmc is the only one on the whole planet who knows how to use the coreaudio development kit, but such things can change quickly.

for some reason i think the first (AU) might be a test tone generator from a somebody you all know.

as of today this newsboard is accessable for everyone.


bugs ?

several people were reporting problems with (VST-i) DMI - DMI Hammer in logic 4.6 - 5.2 to me yesterday, i have been told it would just freeze or quit the host app on load. havent tried myself yet.

the latest build of Peak doesnt find its VST plugins in OSX 10.2. thats either a bug or i am too stupid to use my computers. but it seems i am not the only one ...


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(VST) TC Works - TC Native Bundle 3.0

TC posted version 3.0 of native bundle. 39$ for registered users, 2 new plug-ins called Filtrator and Native Reverb Plus. carbon and classic. MAS will follow soon, and also a powercore update for carbon.

somebody just sent (VST) Bioroid - Antigate to me. its a simple gater which closes on note on instead of note off. thats pretty amazing, because just yesterday i needed exactly such a plug-in!


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(VST-i) DMI - DMI Hammer is out. just 30 minutes ago.
as always, many thanks to marc for porting stuff to mac. its carbon and classic, like it should be.


(VST-i) Native Instruments - Pro-53 update is out, free update for registered users. me and 1000 other users told them 100 times to make those knobs bigger, and it helped.


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(C47) Loneroger stuff

i just saw that the wonderful mr. loneroger started publishing betas for 2 new pluggo plug-ins on his site, 19 and Rezdelay, both are 3.0, and 3.0 versions for all the old plug-ins are in the works too.


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(VST) Wavearts - Masterverb is out. demo version available.


the first reviews on kvr about (VST-i) Waldorf - Plex are identically with my opinion: it should have become a sampler. its a pity that you cannot use your own samples


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(VST) nullpointer stuff has been updated, and there is a new bundle too since a while, i must have missed it, shame over me. it immediately goes into the list ... ehh ... with the next update of the list.


(VST-i) MDA - DX-10 for windows goes commercialware ... and got quite a nice interface ! lets see if that makes its way to macintosh. the bets are placed 3:1

(VST-i) Refx - Junox-2 jumped to v.1.5 now.


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(VST) d-sound - valve-2 plug-in for TC Powercore now for macinstosh too. demo version avaiable. RT player host application still not in sight.

comment for 09-2002

the recent update of the "list of vst plugins" has been uploaded to my webserver today, maybe the right time to start with a news section ?

this kind of information (including rumors and my opinions) is not new to you 70 or 80 people which can currently view this site, but that i use the web as medium to transmit those vst bits is new.

currently conversation is monodirectional here becasue i dont know how to use that PHP i got installed.