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adding (VST-i) blueshock - tsunami , (AU) monomaker and scrubby from dfx, (AU) voweler and au-stk from airy, and (AU) / carbon (VST-i ) phatmatik.

there is an 1.0.1 update for plasticz, an 1.1.2 update for v-box carbon, and an 2.0.6 update for altiverb.


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(VST) smart electronix - crazy ivan is back. i thought ivan is dead and removed him last year from the list of vst plug-ins, but now he is back and with him is his brother, the ivan audio unit.

to host your audiounits, you should try rax .


(VST-i) steinberg - halion updated to 1.1.3 .

(VST-i) refx - plastizc updated to 1.0.2


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(AU) airy synth (beta) by airy, all kids may play with it after downloading it by pressing this link , btw, it is open source ...


absynth update 1.3.4 available, download here.


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all refx synths have been updated and they are all carbonized now as well.


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adding (AU) urs heckman - rumblence, check it out and help testing.


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adding bitshift - phatfactory sampleplayer, (AU) and (VST-i), might be released end of the year.


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as far as i remember thats the initial release date of cubase sx for mac...

(AU) Polarizer and Transverb from the dfx collection will soon - among others - be put in the audiounits listing, download them here.


i noticed that i have to add Prosonic - Orange Vocoder v. 2.5, which is carbonised already, to the OSX list.

Logic Audio has grown up to version 5.4 now.


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(VST-i) Junglist by Synapse Audio comes to mac, demo version available.

risking that it is a bit too early i am also adding the tb 303 emulation thing (VST-i) Bioroid - Creakbox to the list today.


(VST-i) Native Instruments - Kontakt updated to 1.1.1


the silverspike plug-ins carbon versions are now downloadable.

bias deck goes 3.5.1, minor bug fixes.

something makes me think that the next product from native instruments might have a name beginning with "spektral" and ending with "synth"


new entry

new entry: the yellowtools sampling instruments http://yellowtools.com/

TC Native Bundle 3.0 update and Classic Verb are officially available now.

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