new entries in the lists, and some random information.

adding PSP 608 MD to the lists.

adding PPMulator VST plug-in by raw material software.

adding special delay by code operator to the pluggo OS X list.

plogue bidule was always nice, but it is getting even cooler.
it comes in a new flavor now, as true AU and VST plug-ins.
currently beta versions of the instrument and effect plug-ins are available as of today to registered users of the latest bidule version.

you have covinced me that we need to add the APA-powered waves plug-ins as seperate products to the lists.

adding purity instrument by luxonix to the lists.

the notation program overture can now host VST plug-ins on OS X.

mda officially released the AU versions.

adding VSTunnel by martin miller to the VST list.

adding korg M-1 to the lists, which is only available bundled with the wavestation.

and here are the entries from the last 14 days:

adding CT-1 by to the AU list, from a man who does not have a website and whos name i forgot.

adding stereo image munger and gain shaper audiounit by paul innig to the list.

now that somebody sent it to me, i am finally sure that the free PSP springverb exists also for OS 9.

NI/Zero G released one new sample player called nostalgia.

adding camel audio´s CM Fuzz (computer music magazine) and FM Crusher (future music magazine) to the lists.

adding blue to the lists, a synth by concrete fx.
(which i will list under "rob papen" in case it remains the only release for OS X by concrete fx.)

adding harmonic ping only by smex/magnus to the VST list.

in case we do not have it already, we need to put LFX-1310 by luxonix into the lists, a free oldschool multieffect device.

adding dubstation by audio damage to the lists.

the sonicbirth runtime is now free to use also for unregistered users.
as long as sonicbirth is posting all the available plug-ins on their website, we do not need to copy the stuff here.
or, what do you think: should we just add them to the AU and VST list ? mind you, they do not work in all host programs, and there are third-party developers.

comment for 09-2005
dear friends,

you may have noticed that updates are not as proper as they used to be in the last time.
i was thinking of changing a bit here once more, either using a blog-style website which would be easier to update, or a 10-week system instead of the monthly pages; i have decided for the latter.

crap ?

it is crap enough when you live in atlantis and you can not afford to run away from the flood because you are black.

and what´s more crap is when you exspect the army to bring you enough drinking water to survive, but all they do is patrolling to make sure you do not steal food from the grocery whos owner is dead and whos fridge has no electricity anyway.

what is great tho ... in the USA a president can under no circumstances be elected for a third period.
or who knows, maybe you can change that, when you are the president ?

exclusive ?

the best joke i have seen last week is the concept of the new online music distribution system of time warner.

my best wishes for time warner, who really think there is a market between the three markets of 1. illegal sharing, 2. free content, and 3. apple´s itunes shop.

"the first label to distribute digital music exclusively", that is what i call ignorant.
when 700 netlabels are already distributing their content for free, why is this not exclusively ? creative commons license models are "exclusive" even when everyone may redistribute the stuff.
it is exlusively distributed by all of us.

free ?

there is a lot of free audio software out there, and with google you can find tons of it easily.
but of course
many people would prefer a free audio software website, i always notice that when i am beeing asked to mark out which VST plug-ins on our page are free, or where to buy best.

so we planned to take over "" and revive it a bit because we somehow missed it too during its 24 months downtime, it was always such a great resource.
mark told me now he is "very soon" relaunching it himself, and we are willing to wait until the "soon" is over.

oh, i have not beeing updating the plug-in lists on for 12 months now.
but hey, i am going to do that "soon", don´t worry!