Q0 : 10/11/12 2005


new entries in the lists, and some random information.


quadrasid is available as AU since a while.

adding aura pro by dave brown to the lists, not yet available.

ms modular and mr modulator are two new pluggo plug-ins by lone roger, pinky pluggo by ms. pinky is another one.

adding z-rev by urs heckmann to the lists.

teragon audio has released a free beta of convolver VST plug-in.

wave editor by audiofile engineering makes one new entry to the audiounit hosts.

microtonic is now available on an usb stick in a little tin, the whole thing is called tin tonic, is quite funny, but does not make a new entry into our lists.

the new effect by sonalksis is called the big knob and as cool as all their products.
i don´t know what has happend to the analog gate, but ...

the sony plug-ins can be added to both lists, they are announced to be released for native VST/AU/RTAS soon.
don´t laugh: the native versions will require a powercore card - for the copyprotection scheme.

adding my first step sequencer by ndc to the VST list.

eventually adding AZR-3 by rumpelrausch to the VST list, depending on how different it is from the ZR-3.
it is also waiting for someone to compiles it for mac.

microtonic is now available as AU plug-in, as well as AMG´s kick ass brass.

adding brass I, brass II, chamber strings, harps, orchestral strings I, orchestral strings II, percussion, solo strings, woodwinds I, and woodwinds II by vienna symphonic library to the lists.

adding icy by hecanjog to the pluggo list.

comment for 01-12-2005

bornheim (geklaut bei boris)

zoo (geklaut bei ARD)

adding NI / Zero Gravity outer limits and NI / Best Service orient world and chris hein horns to the lists.

adding liquid guitar by Überschall and the audiounit version of VSTunnel to the lists.

something called eolifize, which might have to be renamed one day, has released some pluggo plug-ins for OS X called trap drum kit, synth FM-3, synth sine, mini bassline, trap filter, trap 16-delay, and trap 4-bands delay.

something called teragon audio makes it possible that we can add beat counter VST plug-in today.

another new entry is the magical 8 bit plug audiounit from the japanese music group YMCK.

adding betabugs getablitch and audio damage phase two to the lists.

audio realism announces bassline pro which comes with external input option and a few other new features.

it is time for a little update.

adding insta jungle instrument by laurence davies to the VST list.

widisoft tries to make us happy with an OS X version of their audio2midi VST plug-in.

ambient keys is the name of a new synth by mhc.

adding peter siedlaczeks complete classical collection and peter siedlaczeks string essentials by NI / best service to the lists.

already months old, but missing in our lists: vintage keyboard fx by scarbee, which is an effects plug-in that is also available bundled with their vintage sample player instrument.

adding NI / garritan jazz and big band to the lists.

c-sound AU can be added to the lists, and probably doesnt´t need any further explanation. (direct download)

where supercollider and c-sound lack plug-in hosting, impromtu focusses on beeing a "programmable AU host" first in line.
it requires OS 10.4 - and some fantasy - to run it.

adding fabrik-R and fabrik-C to the powercore plug-ins.

adding chandler EMI TG-12413 limiter to the VST list.

adding molecular bytes membrane synth to the lists.

907-A by audio damage makes another new entry.

adding refined audiometrics laboratory system 1200 to the lists. just for the case it is not a hoax.

adding lexicon MX-200 to the VST and AU lists.

this hardware-controlling plug-in works a bit weird: the hardware needs to be connected to the host computer with both the usb port AND audio I/O.
i am not sure if that was a very clever idea. the control data could have went thru one of the audio bits (like system link) or the audio could have been sent via usb 2 (like waldorf filterbank).
does one really want to use 5 cables and ports to connect a 250 dollars multi effect unit to a powermac G 5 worktation ? we will see.

however, i have tested this thing in Nuendo OS X and in Rax.
it works great, but that does not change my opinion on the way you have to connect it.
on the other hand: you can use it with hardware and only control automation with the VST plug-in: that´s pretty cool, because over usb-midi you can send far more controllers at once than over old–school midi ... and much faster.

adding waves de-breath and tune to the lists, not yet available but probably soon.
their 360° native bundle is finally available too, and as exspected it is VST-ony. (because there is no surround capable AU host program)

adding LMC-1 by SSL to the lists, which is free when you do not mind to register.

adding precision multiband to mackie powered plug-ins.

adding 1970 compressor and 1980 compressor by URS to the lists.

adding dimension pro instrument by cakewalk to the lists.

adding NI/Zero Gravity vocal forge sample player and NI bandstand GM module to the lists.

Bias is offering a bundle of plug-ins in different formats now,
among some known candidates there are also new names like the reveal analysation tools and gate ex which we can add to the holy lists.
unlike prior versions of bias´ VST plug-ins, all of these new plug-ins work in all host programs.

comment for 10-2005