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this IR reverb by tascam offers multichannel convolution,
binaural panning and micmod-style filtering all in one, just
perfect for classical music, or for film sound design.
until now it is windows-only, but i dont think i will accept
that windows-only crap any longer.

the next update of MAXMSP might already support .vst .

adding bad cable audiounit by brian willoughby.

adding multidelay and phatboy control by arne knup,
both VST OSX.

we can also add kuniox pitchscraper to the OSX VST list now.

and there is one more OS 9 plug-in which is missing in the list:
moog filter by marc lindahl.
i have that installed since a while here, but last week i noticed
that it is also distributed on the web, so we just have to add
it to the list of VST plug-ins. of course !
moog filter is the prototype of the filter you can also find in
the good old model-e synth.


adding stuccoland´s guadalupe and combernation
effects to OS 9 pluggo list.


firium OSX updated to 2.0, OS 9 updated to 1.1 .

anwida products updated to 1.5 .

refx junoX will be called vanguard in the future.
unfortunately most controls are no longer sliders.

adding hertha and elinborg by kiesel.

adding realguitar by music labs, a virtual guitarist rip-off
for OS 9, OS X and AU.

cubase SL 2.0 update is available.
many other VST and AU hosts had minor updates, including
logic audio, CPS, MAX, and metro.

now that fxfreeze has been released for windows, we can look
forward to a mac version.


another downtime

the server where i hosted this, and some other sites of mine,
or made by me, was standing in the staff´s rack in an online
tuesday the police visited and took the complete rack offline,
and took all computers with them.
some people in the same rack obvisiosly were doing stuff which
they should not do, and there is no doubt that it is okay when
the authorities are acting against those.
nevertheless is it a bit strange that it was impossible to check
which hardware belongs to which IP adress so that the
complete rack was disabled.
that proved for me once more that some policemen are idiots.

today our collegues from britain learned that many
policemen are idiots.


peak 4.0.2 is now compatible with and optimized for panther.

current tera version counts 2.0 beta.

nomad publishes rock amp legends, an effect which we
had under a different name here before.

powercore OSX plug-ins updated to 1.7.6 ... still beta ?

phatmatik updated to 1.2.1 .

battery 1.3 and kontakt 1.5 are the OSX versions now.

dont even try to load kontakt in DP.

comment for 11-2003

the "amount comparison chart" thingie has been updated

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