new entries in the lists, and some random information.


ticky clav is now available for OS X, VST and AU.

adding ndc cycle shifter to the OS X VST list.

adding da bomb, phat, phat pro, pitch shift, and spectral morpher by delaydots to the OS X VST list.

adding deverb and discord by audio damage to the OS X VST list.

NI / zero released a free promotional "virtual instrument collection" with fully functional plug-ins and 650 mb soundcontent yesterday.
and now the bad news: this does not make a new entry into our plug-ins lists.

in case we can trust our sources, PC VST developer voxengo will, sooner or later, make us happy with OSX versions of his plug-ins.
so maybe today is the right day to add analogflux delay, analogflux impulse, analogflux insert, analogflux tapebus, clock jitter, crunchessor, curve EQ, elephant, ess EQ, gliss EQ, lampthruster, marvel EQ, oldskool verb, PHA-979, polysquasher, powershaper, pristine space, radio, redunoise, sonic finalizer, soniformer, span, stereo touch, tempo delay, transmodder, tube amp, voxformer, and warmifier to the OS X list.
reads nice, what ? but that will take a while. all those entries will be in grey color for now.


rock amp legends is now available for AU, as well as the blue tubes bundle which we mentioned long ago.
the AU versions pass the latest validation, but they do not
support parameter automation.

adding minky starshine by expert sleepers to the AU list.

if you redownload the latest version of crystal, you will find that it has a new fancy interface.


we have one of them mentioned before already, but now we can add a whole bunch of "vintage instrument tuners" from rusty kat to the AU list: basstuner, chromatic tuner, grand staff, guitar tuner, lab meter, and wave window.

cyanide-2 is now available as audiounit.

adding away by me, which is hopefully released tomorrow, to the pluggo list


adding virus control to the OS X lists.
no, no, that is not a new midi controller by me, that is the remote software for the new access virus hardware, afb style via usb.

adding virtual bassist and virtual bassist fx by steinberg to the VST and AU lists.

adding linear phase graphic eq by shisaku and cheeze machine to the OS X lists.

adding true strike instrument by project sam, which comes in two flavors, "starter" and "pro".

there are several interesting updates for host programs in these days .... nuendo 3.0 ... intuem 3.0 ... but you know that anyway when you work with these products, isn´t it.

e-mu/ensoniq are not answering any emails regarding the patchmix VST adaption - i take that as a no for a mac version.

did you just hear that ? "adding virtual bassist by steinberg to the VST and AU lists."  to the VST and AU lists ... hmmm.


adding amplitube LE, a light version of the original, which ships with the latest version of the standalone product.

adding timewarp-2600 by wayout ware to the OSX lists, available in about 6 months for VST and AU (right now its only for bubu.)

now some of you might wonder what "bubu" is:
please have a look at the profanity filter we had to setup for the forum, and you will learn about bubu:

bubu has updated bubu to 6.7 now, for bubu and mac OS X, but the VST2bubu adapter should still work.

comment for 11-2004

the war against silence

imagine you had the choice between no health insurance and no health insurance, what would be your choice ?

imagine you had the choice between the war against terror and the war against terror, what would be your choice ?

imagine you had the choice between a millionaire who never worked anything for his wealth and a millionaire who never worked anything for his wealth, what would be your choice ?

imagine you may vote for a new president, and one candidate is a former member of the fascistic "skulls and bones" group and the other is is a former member of the fascistic "skulls and bones" group too, for whom would you vote ?

i would simply vote for more VST plug-ins.