new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding latency fixer by expert sleepers to the AU list.


adding the OS X versions of C3 multiband compressor to the lists.

adding arturia arp-2600-V to the OS X lists.

we replaced the lamest messageboard ever™ with a proper forum software today ... beta version ...


the latest version of VST2AU adapter now passes the AU validation.

adding all antares products to the audiounits page.

adding blow guitar, harmonic transformer, and modalys sträng by per høier to the pluggo lists.
modalys sträng is OS 9 only.

we removed koblo minimill and micromill from the OS 9 VST page a while ago, because they have never been released to the public, and therefore did not officially exist.
this has changed today, and we can put them back into the list.

adding waves IR-L and IR-360 to the list.
is there any explanation neccessary about what "360" and "L" are standing for ? no ? okay.


adding OS X VST versions of mad shifta, decimator, and cowdelay.

adding audiounit version of supaphasa.

adding surround zone by soundfield to the OS X VST list.


black water reverb and tobybear´s mad shifta, decimator, and cowdelay have been ported to audiounit.


some more new entries in the list:

- ultra analog synthesizer by applied acoustics.
- reflex, a beatslicing instrument by basement arts, VST only.
- betabugs first mac release, called crayon filter.

since 4 weeks already you can now buy a multi-DSP license for virus powercore, and there is also an update for existing users available.

adding DQ-1 dynamic equalizer and multi-band compounder by sonanksis to the OS X lists.

DQ-1 is the first dynamic eq for native processing, it is under USD 250, and it is relatively low on CPU for the sound quality it offers. but the most amazing part of these new products is the wonderful looking graphical user interface.


this new supercomputer consists of 1100 G5 Xserve dual 2.3Ghz.
it could run about 175,000 of logic´s reverb plug-ins.


adding audio healer by koen (smex) to the AU list.

adding resend= by me to the list. i will also release polarsplit= flanger and transistor gate next weekend - pluggo plug-ins for OS 9.

for a long time every kontakt based sampleplayer which was released, was already in our list for ages. now there is one new product by zero-g called sound of the seventies which has to be put in both our OS X lists.

due to user request metric halo now published OS X AU and VST versions of metric halo, but for an unbelievable high update fee.

adding swarplug volume south to the list.
all their products
are now also available in audiounit format.

adding darbuka and latigo by wizoo to VST and AU.
we probably need to make "wizoo" a label now in our lists, and move hypersonic over there as well.

next update for the list pages is sheduled for 01-12-2004.

comment for 10-2004

new workstation order

now that digital performer and logic are forcing plug-ins to pass the auval, plug-ins are getting ready for the latest AU validation faster than ever. within the first week spectrasonics, sonalksis, ohmforce and many others released updates of their audiounits.

the current versions of performer, cubase, and logic make OS 9 people like me slowly thinking about a switch to OS X.
well, it is not like i was in a hurry with this or something.
but now there is an actual difference in options and workflow compared to the same products three versions back.

my plan for my personal mac os audio future is still the same plan that i made up almost two years ago: i will switch to OS X when nuendo handles signals in 64-bit floating point, and when you can buy dual-5Gz Xserve second hand.




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