vst-mac news • merry christmas and happy OSX migration troubles


removing creamware volksämpler, the loftsoft reverb, and the crmav
magazine stuff which never made it beyond announced status.

we have done a quick but clean OSX test of all available VST plug-ins
in 10.2 with 5 host apps, read about cubase SX at "the test", i am
uploading the rest as soon as i have it ready .


new entry

adding the complete 2 bundles from d-sound to the OSX list.
they all exist as (VST) carbon and (.vst).


new entry

adding (VST) bias - soundsoap, a simple but effective $99-denoiser.
carbon only.

adding (VST) ohmforce - quad frohmage.

adding (VST-i) scorpion and plucked string from synapse audio.

adding (VST) TC - assimilator, a high resolution fft-filter for powercore.

adding (VST) virsonix - sauna, carbon only, wtf !

adding (.vst) urs heckmann - MFM.
this plug-in is the first official release of a OSX-only VST standard
it is not supported by carbon or cocoa applications other than cubase SX,
cubase SL, ableton live, arboretum montage, cake 6.0, or utilities which process audio at systemlevel.
these plug-ins must be installed into the root´s or users VST plugin folder
to access them from within applications.

welcome to unix.

adding (VST) blockfish, spitfish, and floorfish : 3 dynamics plug-ins
from digitalfishphones.
the OSX versions are (.vst) too, like MFM, what a suprise.


(AU) adaptions for unity session and phrazer announced.

live 2.0 and cubase sl are available since a few days.

there is a demo version for RT player downloadable now.

the latest rumor is, that nordelius is talking a bit too much with TC
in the last time (since they officially stopped the further development
of the nord modular patching software.)
the only thing i would miss is that PCI cards dont have a keyboard- controller ...


there are updates for ganymed and vivaldi.


new entry

adding (VST-i) steinberg - d´cota, classic and carbon.

(host) ableton live 2.0 public beta here

there is an upgrade for (host) muzys.


new entry

adding (VST-i) linplug - albino, classic and carbon.


crazy diamonds updated to 1.9

i wrote last week that (C74) VET-1 synthesizer by victor cerullo would
be the 16-tone thing.   sorry that was nonsense.   there is 16tone, and there is the VET-1.

comment for 12-2002

thats the place for the monthly comment, but i dont have a
comment for december.