new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding particle fountain, buffer synth 2, midi note trans, and
midi note filter by ndc to the OS X VST list.

adding i-drum by bitshift to the audiounit list, not yet available.


reaktor has been updated to 4.1 .
keywords: batch processing, windows sets, total recall.

dsp quattro has been updated to 1.5 .

there are also minor updates for live, nuendo, cubase SX,
and logic audio ... the same procedure as every week.

adding chopitch by matthias grob to the OS X and OS 9 VST lists.

adding V-3 synthesizer by pierre couprie to the OS X pluggo list.

the bacon pluggo is now available for OS X .

when this is not a hoax, apple obviously tried to get the graphical
interface concept for the emagic synthesizers patended.
i want to have the right to use round knobs for my next synthesizer
software too !
no e-patents !


the 2.0 update of MHC Flex effects contains one new morphing
filter effect.

adding audiorealism - bassline to the OSX VST list.

adding eraton and eradrum to the OSX VST list, midi sequencer
plug-ins by sonicbytes. not yet available.

it might be we forgot to add SFX machine LT, a stripped down
version of the plug-in, which ships with peak.

d-sound updated the VL-2 for powercore, including OSX version.
d-sound is also the second company after linplug which banned
OS 9 completely off their website.

gerzonic presents deco pro for OSX, a "pro" version of their
intergate-8 ambisonic decoder software.

oh yes, and we will not forget to add V-Stack into the host list.


mister bismark has updates all his plug-ins.

if you think you find a better way how to organize these kontakt-
based sampleplayers, let me know.
they are under "native instruments" since december.

and john is right, vstwrapper is the "host", and not DP.
there you got me again.


adding ET-1 audiounit from emagic, and hypersonic 1.1 audiounit
from steinberg.

adding DMI Hammer VST instrument to the OSX list.

another good news is that in opposite to previous announcements
will also be available for OS 9.


adding bitmod audiounit by steve duda,
and live sync recorder by devine-machine, which is not yet
available and probably VST OSX only.

adding samplemanager to the host apps list, a batch editor for
audiofiles which can host audiounits.

thats maybe old news, but vanguard is available now, 9 and X.
the 1.0.2 update did not fix all issues but at last some, only
with logic as host people still report problems.

adding autowash and philter, 2 new pluggos from jk audio.

ndc trem+ is the first macintosh port by ndc .

the OSX version of the gleetchplug pluggos contains 2 new
plug-ins called bus send and stereotronic.

there are updates for nuendo, halion , and the grand in
the usual place.

the update frequency here in the news might stay as low as it was
in the last weeks for the next time.
one of the things i am busy with at the moment is making plug-ins,
maybe you can forgive me in that case, for the lists not beeing
updated properly either.

comment for march


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