new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding scrambler to the OSX VST list. >>>


in case we did not yet mention it, the DUY plug-ins are available for
OS X now, as far as i can see a free update.

bluetubes by nomadfactory have been updated to 2.0 .
the distribution is OS X only and includes 5 new plug-ins:
PEQ-2C, DL-3D, BW-2S, DS-2S, SI-2S.
(brickwall limiter, deesser, mid-range eq, stereo imager, and a delay)

the mode pluggos for OS X are now available.

we can add a few new free pluggos :
OS X versions of curver, freeverb and poly by lone roger.
skyes and autofreq from jk audio, OS X for now.

gleetchplug updated their OS X versions to 2.1.1 fixing some bugs.

third party pluggos for OS X still dont work correctly in digital
performer when VST wrapper is installed - VST wrapper tries
to load the "VST version" of the pluggos after the "AU version"
has been called.

while many of the long announced NI kontakt-based sample libraries
are not out, there are already new publications released which i have
not yet in the list.
as it seems, the following new entries are OS X only:
NI/best service - galaxy steinway
NI/toontrack - drumkit from hell 2
NI/east west - stormbreak
NI/east west - vapor
NI/east west - adrenaline

prosonus orchestral collection
NI/zero-g - wired - the elements of trance

wavearts announces a new multiband compressor.

there is a bugfix update for the machfive sampler, OS 9 and OS X.


there is a 2.1 update for alpha, which fixes a bug with steinberg
hosts on OS X.

native instruments put a reaktor 4.1.2 update online, as a replacement
for the problematic 4.1.1 .

cantor preview

halion 3.0 preview


adding speedster audiounit by airy.

creamware allows "under circumstances" the free use of the
scope SDK, which deals mainly with the development of scope plug-ins.
the offer is pointing only at non-commercial developers.
the new creamware company uses only the name "scope" for their
cards now, and will have a free update of the scope software available
in about one week.

creamware has a nice new website, as well as steinberg.

zebra audiounit synthesizer has been updated to 1.5 .

the sony oxford R-3 dynamic plug-in is a new entry for the
powercore platform.

adding novation v-station for powercore to the OS X lists.

adding anechoic room simulator by smartelectronix.
they also have updates for supaphasa and s(m)exoscope.

the news navigation (those arrows on top) has been fixed now,
sorry for the mess.


new entry: tc thirty for powercore.

new entry: cantor, voicemodelling synth by virsyn.

new entry: guitar rig by NI.

new entry: electric piano by NI.  guess what it is.

new entry: NI also want to make us happy with FM-7 express,
pro-53 express, and B-4 express, which are light versions of
the originals.

update: orange vocoder 3.0, finally with midi, and a lot of other
great new features.

update: xphraze updated to 1.2, available as of today via download.

we mentioned it earlier but did not have name for it, now we can add
studiophonik sampleplayer by IK multimedia to the OS X lists.

do you remember dave brown ? he left mac years ago, but now we
can add his quantum fx to the OSX lists maybe.
quantum fx is a set of many plug-ins, and a simple patch editor
for DIY plug-ins for windows VST.
if they will be released they will support the audiounit format first,
and then ... nobody knows.

comment for april

musik messe - discontinued ?

for me it did not happen, because i was not there.
due to lack of time, i have not been visiting the frankfurt musik messe
for the first time since ten years - i had business to do around 500
meters away from the halls, imagine that.
but from what i heard from friends and read in the press, i have not
missed much anyway, apart from meeting old friends.
the software and synthesizer section was already small last year,
and this year it was even smaller.
if there was anything one would have to mention, then it is the
midi controllers / remote units. the price war has finally begun
for those, and the midclass products mackie control-4 and a
24-fader remote desk from tascam for US$ 2000 look like an
affordable solution for the project studio, compared to those
overpriced steinberg or digidesign products from 2 years ago.

inventing new things - discontinued ?

while in the last years software products were one of the reasons
why hardware companies were getting into trouble, this year the
software makers had not much new ideas and technologies to show
off either. did you wonder why is that ?
i am a creative artist, and not an advertisment spot cutter, so i see
no real innovation in an upgrade which gives you a bit depth of 80 bits,
instead of the 72 it had before, for brickwall-limiting 12 channels at once.
you can build this in kyma or msp in a few minutes if you need that,
without much programming knowledge even.
iThings which are reinventing the wheel for the third time, and people
which want to make me believe their product would be the first one
ever which can also output the sound it produces, are not getting
my attention and money anyway.
the stuff i am looking for is new concepts, new sounds, new controls,
new interface abstractions, or at least some stuff which is good for
CPU saving or whatever. well ... something new!
after steinberg started making light versions of all their instruments,
native instrumens liked the idea so much, now they do that too.
smaller, cheaper, and not capable of reading the presets of the big
versions.  a 100% distribution, 0% creativity decision.

if you want to make a minimoog plug-in today, you must
discuss with each other who should publish his first, because you
are not the only one, and if you want to make something with
resynthesis you are also already one of 4 or 5 which are already
have something ready which does that.
after a discussion in the night i think there is a simple explanation
why there were no "new" things to find on the exhibition.
it is not because people are stupid or lazy, the reason is much more
obvious that that. (note the irony)

most things simply already exsist !

my new plug-ins- discontinued ?

ah wait, there is one thing which is new.:

it is called VolSplit, a simple but effective technology, invented by
swiss multimedia genius pe lang and me. VolSplit splits an incoming
signal into virtual loudness bands for further processing.
the possibilties to use or abuse this weird system are unlimited.
they are pluggo plug-ins, and will theoretically support these formats
Windows VST
a hardware version is also in the works.
we planned to release the first plug-in bundle today, but i need one
more week to check some stuff in the OS X versions and redo a few
GUI things which i am not satisfied with yet.

you can almost be sure will inform you when they are
out, dont worry.


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