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adding garritan personal orchestra and grandioso
bösendorfer 290
they will be listed here under "NI".
like all these other kontakt-based sample players they
are not yet available but they are announced for VST
OS 9 and OSX, and audiounit versions to be made later.

and this one fits to the two above:
adding fxpansion´s BFD drum module.
it is available in the next days and this one is AU and
VST OSX only.

we had already 4front piano module in the list, now
we can also add e-piano module and bass module.

AU-303 audiounit updated to 1.0 final.

microso... sorry, apple has posted a patch for the issue
with the with the ethernet drivers.


absynth is now available for audiounit
it is currently incompatible with
digital performer.

UAD-1 software updated from 3.1 to 3.2 .

there are much more mda´AU´s than what i added last month,
i just dont know where you would download them beside of
the (host) metro demo download from
that would be a good opportunity to look into this very nice
full-featured and low-priced audio/midi recording app - you
will be surprised if you had prejudices before.

OS X 10.2.8 update
thousands of users already lost the functionality of their system
by installing the 10.2.8 update.
please dont install it if you like your mac.  it has several serios
with 1. toast, 2. PPPoE, 3. Stuff It Deluxe 8.0, each
of these problems only on certain hardware configuations.
in a worst case scenario your computer will no longer boot.
apple has quietly removed the update from the webpages today,
with no further informations why.


we already removed them, but GRM Tools ST are
available for VST now; Contrast, Equalize, FreqShift,
FreqWarp are members of the VST family again - only
for OSX though.

bioroid has updated turntabelist, and this time it includes
an OSX version.

waldorf releases the messing plug-in with afb hardware,
which provides analog amplifier saturation/overdrive effects.
due to usb problems the OSX version of the whole thing is
still not released ...

applemagic spacedesigner is NOT an audiounit, it is a
logic plug-in.
why the heck did i exspect apple to support their own
plug-in format ?


kontakt updated to 1.0.1 .

d´cota updated to 1.0.1 .

adding sondshuttle sampleplayer, not yet available, and
propably OSX only. ->


adding nomad factory - warmer phaser, which is for now only
included with the upcoming audio interfaces from mackie.

adding antares - filter, VST, OS 9 and OSX. ->


(host) logic audio updated to v 6.3 .

(host) peak updated to 4.0.1 .

(host) spark updated to 2.8.1 .

major upgrade for (host) sonicworx announced for next month.

adding spacedesigner audiounit from emagic, a nice new
IR reverb plug-in . see 20-09-2003

the plug-ins from wavearts have all been updated to 3.10 .

adding luppo and d-dram by jk audio to the pluggo list.

new in max magic microtuner 1.4.2 : support for korg oasis
tuning table file format and a quicktime midi player.

adding prosonic morph to both VST lists.

adding melohman by ohmforce, synthesizer VST-i and sooner
or later also audiounit. ->

the server was down for 2 days.
(as if you would not have noticed)


adding sonalksis - SV-571 EQ to both VST lists .

live 3.0 beta, gain slider will not move issue part II.
solution: select live folder, move to trash.


adding the FM-7 synth to VST OSX and AU list.


adding (host) numerology to the list of programs which can
host audiounit plug-ins.

adding virsyn - micro tera to all lists.
(german keys magazine)


the grand has been updated to 1.0.5, the final release of the
OSX version follows in the next days.


the latest public beta version of VST-AU adapter is among other
things compatible with NI synths.


adding (host) spin doctor 6.0 to the list of VST hosts.
spin doctor is part of roxio toast 6.0 and can host only (.vst)
it also includes 2 of them, noise reducer and sound enhancer.

we can also add (host) tracktion.
he has released an alpha version for MAC OS X now which can
host VST effects and instruments just as the windows version.

(host) ableton live 3.0 is coming closer to public beta test and
will have VST-wise 2 little enhancements :
you can have more than one VST plug-ins window open
and they have learned about the existence of .vst lately
and support this format too in the new version.
live 3.0 supports OS 9 and OSX.

jack is coming to OSX ... like exspected, but faster than
some people thought.
jack is one (the) standard system for inter-application
and inter-plug-in audio streaming on linux, where it is
widely supported by more than 45 audio applications, including
some running under wine (a kind of windows emulation for linux).
inter-application audio streaming was one of the few things
where linux was always ahead of window and mac OS, jack will
now let you send audio from MAXMSP to logic in OSX, while
logic is sending audio to melodyne.
there are beta versions of the VST and audiounit plug-ins
available, in each format one for sending and one for recieving
in VST or AU hosts.

adding waves transform bundle; doubler, morphoder,
soundshifter, and trans-X to VST and AU lists.

dash signature is coming on the macintosh platform, introducing
themselves with the release of combosister organ instrument,
OS 9 and OSX.

is combosister a sister of my combicontrol ?


comment for 09-2003


   more is more than many

dear readers,

to people like greg davis who makes 3 new plug-ins per
month we have reached another milestone in VST history :
there are more than 1000 VST plug-ins*) for mac OS 9.

unfortunately i lack myself 7 or 8 of them, and 5 do not work
in my host. it is hard, but i can live with this situation.

anyway, i found out that i can only have absolute success
making music using software which is made by me, only my
own plug-ins look like i exspect them to, and that is what i
would sugggest everybody who thinks that there are not
enough plug-ins or that most of them would suck.
there are far more than you can use in one life, and if you
dont find something you like and what works for you, make
your own.

   and there is not only one kind of them

there are also two times more audiounits now, compared to
last month.

well, what did you think why i counted them 8 weeks ago,
that was was the last chance to point out how bad this
format is supported, tho it was already clear that the number
of available audiounits will rise
dramatically from that day on.
only waves, TC, and apple/emagic were already more than 100
new entries to the AU list in august.

even pluggo is announced for audiounit now, they will not be
ready before 2017, but some day they will come, that is sure.

the number of free pluggo plug-ins was exploding in the last
months, the freeware runtime was a late but very good decision.

  and there is not only one platform where you can use them

the trend that nobody really wants to buy OSX-only
software (unless its audiounit stuff) continues. several friends
of mine ordered the halion update only after they finally released
the OS 9 version officially too.
nice try, steinberg distri, but some still need it classic ... sorry.
you, the perfect cross-platform company, should know that best.

no joke; on this year´s musikmesse in germany i would have
ordered a waldorf filter, one or two nordmodular G2 (rack), and
probably also firewire-powercores, but i can not use these products
due to the lack of usb 2.0 and firewire 800 drivers on my MAC OS 9
based systems.
so some other company got now an order of a similar amount of
money from me; their product works with everything.

btw platform, cubase SX 2.0 will be the first "major" audio
application which will be shipped on a PC/MAC hybrid CD,
what of course also means it is a MAC/PC license you buy.
here we go again ...

   and we put them all in one big list

the plug-in lists have not been updated yet, please be patient.
it will be done every 3-6 months or so, for new entries
always check the /news.
thats why we write them; they are the blog of the VST god,
containing all the information he needs to enter it in the big
lists when he thinks it is the right day to update them.

   but why all that, is another question

plug-ins are the future of this planet, be nice to your plug-ins
and please dont waste one of them.
we have only lended all audio plug-ins from our children.



a "VST plug-in" is a VST plug-in in the list of VST Plug-ins
when it has been published and released, no matter
where and when, or for how long.

some companies disappeared and their products are no
longer available but the plug-in remains a plug-in.

not every programmer follows the rules and forgets to add his
unique ID and name into the steinberg database.
you can see that when you check how many have been

some companies treat new plug-ins like a new version.
but for me the LM-4 and the LM-4 mkII, or the waldorf d-pole 1
and d-pole 2 are different VST plugins, because 1. the update
was not free, 2.they have different functionality and parameters,
and 3. also a different name and ID number.
mono/stereo/surround or OMSsync/VSThostsync versions
or the NI instruments and their insert versions are not treated
as differnet "plug-ins", that would go a bit too far.

there is one guy who had a website with 4 alpha versions of
simple OSX plug-ins online and you could only find it thru google,
then it disappeared after only 6 weeks.
but released is released, and VST is VST ...

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