Q1 : 01/02/03 2006


new entries in the lists, and some random information.


okay ... and here are the updates from last month:

the forum ircam spat pluggos are available for OS X since a while.

adding F-8 audiounit by music unfolding.

tc helicon harmony-4 is a new powercore plug-in by tc.

adding nomad factory blueverb DRV-2080, dual limiting amplifier LM-662, program equalizer EQP-4, and studio channel SC-226.

adding codeoperator CO phaser, CO chorus, CO flanger, CO spectral-RM, CO spectral-panner to the pluggo list.

adding PSP neon to ... guess where.

überschall releases hip hop underground and sixties a gogo (elastik players).

minnetonka audio software releases a VST plug-in version of surcode for dolby.

we an now add antares microphone modeler to the OS X lists.

sophistry is a new instrument by linplug.

audio warrior kreator is a halion engine sample player, and halion symphonic orchestra by steinberg is another thing of that type.
Scarbee vintage keyboard collection and Scarbee imperial drums also belong into this category (but eventually we mentioned them months ago already).

usb audio releases plugsound pro for a reason i do not know.

d-sound announces bassplayer host and plug-in, which is more or less indentical with GT player. they also release a little host program called live fx.

the d-sound "player" programs now come with some new VST and AU effects called auto tuner, pitch shifter, parametric EQ, octaver, exciter, level control, valve preamp, speaker simluator, and amp simulator.

MPL-1 is the first mac port of kjaerhus audio.

adding yellowtools freedom effect

adding focusrite liquid mix to both lists.
liquid mix offers 24 channels of liquid channel style effects running on a little hardware accelerator with knobs.

if this will be under $5000 and does what it promises, (and obvioulsy operates in stereo unlike the original liquid channel) it might be a serious alternative to powercore or UAD like systems.

did we already add chris hein horns by NI/best service ?


adding liquid instruments horn section by überschall.

quick quak ray space VST is now available for OS X, definetly worth to check this one out.

adding movielplayer pluggo for OS X by amoury groc.

nusofting/dash eve-2 VST instrument is now available as public beta, and can be added to the database.

adding audio damage big seq to both lists - not yet avilable.

beat counter by teragon audio is now working as audiounit.

logic pro 7.2 UB is already available - and adds supports for up to 32 instruments channels.

drumagog by wavemachine labs is now also available for OS 9.

adding VOPM VST synthesizer, not sure how to name the developer.

Polyrythmic releases a bunch of small pluggo instruments called
kick, snare, hihat, crash, ride, hi tom, and lo tom.
guess what they do! (hint: they do not use violin samples)


adding satellite sampler by samplebase (or by muon?) to the lists.

adding mackie CM-1 / CS-1, EQ-6, MRVB-1, and SP-1 to the VST list, they are bound to tracktion as host.

adding motu ethno instrument to the list.

adding add by mesa+ to the lists.

adding the voice vol 1 and the voice vol 2 (liquid player) by überschall to the lists.

upmix, rotator, LFE-6 chan, reroute, folddown, and rebalance are multichannel pluggo plug-ins by cycling74.

SSL G equalizer, SSL G master buss compressor and
SSL E channel are another attempt to make us think a bunch of plug-ins could replace proper analog hardware - they will be listed under waves.

adding the authorized steinway piano, which we will put that under NI / Garritan, as well as stradivari violin sample library.

korg micro-X editor and X-50 editor are tools to edit the respective hardware devices.

URS A-mix and N-mix complete their range of AU and VST equalizer effects.

adding the host and the plug-in version of NI Kore to the lists.

now i could leave some comments here regarding Kore ... but i have nothing to add to tom´s comment on music thing.

from what i know arne scheffler´s VST Lord is the first (released) VST host for OS X to be a universal binary. direct download >>>
ableton live, D-sound rt player, and some other will follow shortly, cubase, logic, and protools will need a few months to supportintel macs.

achitophel has released a VST monitoring plug-in called plug–in consultant which is similar to the one from steinberg, just displaying the actual C++ commands.
it is an open source project, and it will work only for mach-o plug-ins.

mona lisa is an enviroment to give developers access to OS X coregraphics, and an AU plugin version is already available as alpha version.
mona lisa AU is a shell plug-in which can host other audiounit-plugins inside AU hosts, while allowing the hosted plug-in access to the processor of the graphics card that way - for example for DSP.
of course it requires custom written audiounit effects to make it work, but they already promised us an example reverb.

the new VST SDK supports a few more things, none of them would be a real surprise.
version 2.4 supports double 32-bit and 64-bit signal processing, universal binaries output for the mac platform, and some additions to parameter organisation.
it also contains mini host, a 64-bit capable host program for testing purposes.

adding fabfilter twin instrument to the lists.

adding mdsp duck delay, duck reverb, and flanger to the VST list.

adding krishna instrument by devine machine to both lists.

re-modellizer and nuke4all by osxtools.com are utility apps for the neuron software.

mopis is a promising new synthesizer concept by nerthernet and will be available in both formats.

we have to add four new pluggo plugs for OS X but i forgot the names at the moment.

teragon audio notepad is still missing in the VST list.

NWEQ Pro is the successor of NWEQ by WWAYM.

freeverb is now available as audiounit and will be listed under dfx.

in case we do not have it yet, we have to add mini tera to the lists, a preset-only version of tera.

überschall elastik is a sampler from the old family with mpex timestretch, which comes with the complete sound content from the five others.

tascam announces mac versions of giga virtual instrument, probably VST only for now.
giga violin and gigapulse have not yet been announced for the mac platform, but who knows.

also based on gigasampler engine is the muse sample player instrument by sonic implants - adding to the VST list.

SH-201 editor is an editor software in VST instrument format for the SH-201 hardware synth from roland.

adding cakewalk rapture wavetable synth to the lists.

toontrack dfh ezdrummer is the younger sister of dfh, and has that drumsampler GUI many people were waiting for.

arturia prophet V emulates the prophet 5 as well as the prophet VS.

comment for 01-2006

it is 2006 - time to update my operating system.