Q2 : 04/05/06 2006


new entries in the lists, and some random information.


adding audio warrior silvertone 63

adding teragon audio pulse delay

PD VST should make a new entry in our lists today.

arturia analog factory synthesizer is already available when you read this.

some guy called roger nichols bought the rights for the current product line of elemental audio.
besides a price change of up to 250% more than it was before the software also has a very ugly interface now.
we will probably have to add them with their new names after the next update.

adding sonic flavours DP-5 and DQ-7.

lounge lizard session by aas is a light version of the original.

gerzonic announces 2 new VST plug-ins called something with "hypersphere".

adding dash eve-2.

ndc releases feedback-y VST.

the CDP enviroment is now a free progam.

audio damage pulse modulator comes with the recent computer music magazine.

musicunfolding, who seem to hate internet explorer, release M-3 audiounit.

adding neve 1073 EQ and neve 1073 SE for UAD-1; the latter does not make an extra entry into our lists.

adding audeon UFO VST instrument. (or did we had that already?)

adding tubeplug by joerg stelkens.

audio2midi by widisoft is now available for audiounit.

CO Tape Delay and CO Dirty Delay are new pluggo plug-ins by code operator.

ck.ambienter, ck.clock, ck.comp, ck.cycring, ck.envfilter, ck.flipseq, ck.granutha, ck.phasemod, ck.stepfreezeck, ck.bitxoe, ck.talkingnumbers, and ck.timer by christian kleine is another entry into the pluggo list.


X logic is the name of a new SSL channelstrip which runs on dedicated hardware accelerators called duende.

polyfractus model (formerly mod del) is now availabe as AU.

the next Ueberschall player is called oriental RnB.

all anwida plug-ins are now available as AU.

AudioWarrior Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought
the first three midi plug-ins by rekon audio are called
poly light editor, pulse editor, and virus editor.

betabass by betabugs is doing exactly what you think it does -
it is not so far away from what nw bass by wwaym does.

sugarbytes announces vogue voice strip and robotronic vocoder.

sfx machine pro is a new derivate of sfx machine and makes a new entry to both lists.

eliosound air eq by eliosound makes another entry for both formats.

adding jørgen aase energy cm (computer music magazine) VST instrument to the VST list.

adding teragon audio kick maker to both lists - which is not a piano module.

mutools luna free and luna and new VST host programs.

another VST and AU host to be released later this year is soundblade by sonic solutions.

spectralive and spectra Q by crysonic are eventually VST-only and not yet available.

chebyshev, compand, decimate, matrix, and phasescope audiounits are now available, they are known as the free bundle by tom erbe.

comment for 01-2006

and now ... something completly different:

adding a few new VST plug-ins.