Q3 : 07/08/09 2006


new entries in the lists, and some random information.

September 2006


and now to something completely different: September!
Cubase SX 4.0 preview

August 2006 again

we can also add a few more pluggos to our database:

september synthesizer, august synthesizer, mar comp, mar grainfield, mar limiter, and riss duo by audiooo,
(this author replaces the entry formerly known as eliofize)

cerberus, cerberus bite, cubedriver, hilbertspace, hilbertspace 1d, noise, noise pitched, noise white, sixcylinder, sixcylinder twoshot, threep, threep eep, triad, triphase, triphase isolate, triptych, triptych filtrate, triptych monad by daevl,

sampler plugin for OS 9 by kevin blechdom,

matrix synth by pleseq,

monochrome, supertrance, and trancegate by wonseok choi, who also made SD-1,
(which vst-mac.info mentioned some months ago without telling its author)

and gdelay by peter mcilwain.

the following pluggos are quite old but also still missing:

eight octave filterbank by pierre couprie, and burnt toast by twerk.

so are there only pluggos now on this planet or are there also regular plug-ins? now lets see ...

music unfolding are adding hD, Sub Ring FM, Mod Vibe and xEQ to its range of audiounits.

putting teragon audio dual comp into both lists.

A.I.R. is a new kontakt player by samplelogic.

it seems i also forgot to add superlooper by jesse • , which runs as AU plug-in since a while.

there is some other stuff which is older and still missing; and that are some of the u-he plug-ins from the german keyboards mag.
those would be "ltm lab pearl syncussion + oberheim DMX edition" - which definetly needs a shorter name if it wants in my list -, ltm lab TR–808, ltm–lab 909, ltm–lab vermona DRM, space delay vst, space lab, and FM lab.
eventually there is more, we need to check that again.

August 2006

adding gyro vibe, M-3, and phase delay array by music unfolding to the list of audiounits.

a second wave of this months pluggo attack brings us repper, rndelay, satter, and zipper by florian erdle, and sreverbs, dring, quadflange, harmote, and shsyn by spy.

while you wonder where all these new pluggos are coming from, i am going to add additive synth, deep space, fm-synth, modwheel mayhem, modwheel scales, noisysynth-2, panner deluxe, and pierre´s playhouse by mark phillips to the list.

the miss pinky vinyl player pluggo is also missing in our list, though this is about one year old.

then what about adding NES square vst pluggo by mmonoplayer?

of if you dont like that one, what about mutator X pluggo by *** ?

July 2006

please scroll back one page; the missing links have been fixed.

XO Wave by XO Audio is an editor progam which now supports audiounit plug-ins, yet without GUI.

greg kellum released a set of pluggo plug-ins which are called
beat detector bonkalorithm, midi2trigger, tempo to ctrl pulse, tempo to ctrl wave, ABS max, ABS min, audio segmenter, basic roll, choral harmonizer, cutomatic, LFO volume control, munger, noisegate, oraison, pitch bender, resonator, rythm guided EFX, simple pitch shifter, spectral average, time warper, volume control, granular sampler, random sample player, tape head sampler, blow botl, chebyshev, format synthesizer, messy flute, moto rev, and scan synth.

mitchell turner releases 4 pluggos called additive synth, pothole, draw me, and vortical.

lets continue with news from the pluggo front:
we can add koochoh, nezumi, and uguisu by p0k.net to the list, which are the first pluggo plug-ins ever ported from windows to mac.
you should download and install koochoh as soon as possible; it is an air conditioner emulator.

adding classic compressor, dynamic eq, nexsyn, remedy and vintage eq by keys2sound to the list.

Kjaerhus Audio announces GAG-1 gate effect.

DUY releases magic spectrum

source elements source-live definetly has something to do with source connect and is available for VST.

adding image line toxic III to the lists.

adding teragon audio miss watson, and djay by algoriddim to the list of AU hosts.

adding soundfood Vol.1 VST and AU sampleplayer by univers–sons.

sineshine will one day release an audiounit synth which is not called sculptor but something else.

adding audio damage reverence to the database.

there is a mark about "line 6" something in my notes but i can not recall what that was.

comment for Q3 2006

somehow i think a monthly comment does not really fit into a three-months page order. then again, there is no comment anyay most of the time.

some people were a bit confused about the CDP news last month.
something was definetly wrong in this news, sorry.